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EASTVIEW band tours

The Eastview Band has a history of international tours. Our band trips have been one of the highlights of the band program for many of our students. The opportunity to explore other countries as a high school student while performing concerts in unique and historic venues has been life changing for many of our members. We believe that our tours are tremendously valuable for students as they experience the culture, study the history, and share their musical talents as ambassadors of Eastview High School.





2023 - Grand Tour to Greece - Nafplio, Itea, Athens

Concerts at Fougaro Art Center in Nafplio, Downtown Itea, and the Leonteios Athenes School in Athens

2017 - Grand Tour to Ireland - Galway, Ennis, Belfast and Dublin

Concerts at St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church and the Ennis Cathedral

2014 – On the Route of Kings and Emperors – Graz and Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary Concerts in Gleisdorf, Austria, St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna,and St. Stephens Basilica in Budapest





2011 – From the Mountains to the Mediterranean – Grenoble and Nimes, France, BarcelonaConcerts in Nimes, France and the Barcelona Cathedral

2008 – Roman Conquest – Salzburg – Austria, and Florence, Venice and Rome – ItalyConcerts in Mestre, Italy and the Basilica of St. Mary in Rome

2005 – A Tale of Two Cities – Black Forest – Germany, Paris, and LondonConcerts at the Church of La Madeleine in Paris, and Basingstoke, England

2002 – China Adventure – Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai
Concerts in the Forbidden City, Shanghai Concert Hall, and on the Great Wall

2002 – China Adventure – The Eastview Bands visiting the Great Wall


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