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The Eastview High School Band program is recognized as one of the largest and most well-rounded band programs in the state of Minnesota. Over 400 students are actively involved in a wide variety of instrumental music activities. The program centers on daily instruction in five separate concert bands and private lesson instruction for all band students. Bands are organized through an audition process which allows students to progress through the program as their talent and interest allow. Our most advanced ensembles perform a challenging musical repertoire frequently heard at college and professional concerts.

We strive to provide high quality musical experiences for our students that will permanently enrich their lives. The Eastview High School Wind Ensemble has been selected for featured performance three times by the Minnesota Music Educators Association including an appearance at the Minneapolis Convention Center in February, 2014. Our marching band is an active, award winning ensemble in regional marching band competitions and has been a finalist at the St. Louis Bands of America Super Regional. Jazz Ensemble One has earned outstanding ensemble awards at jazz festivals in LaCrosse, Eau Claire, Rolling Meadows (IL) and Green Bay. Since the school opened in 1997 the Eastview Band program has had over 200 members of Minnesota All-State instrumental groups which is more than any high school in Minnesota over the same time period.

Every three years the band members are offered an international tour. The Eastview band was the first band in the state to tour China in 2002 performing a concert in the famous Forbidden City of Beijing and on the Great Wall. The group has also performed concerts in Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Vienna and Budapest. In the spring break of 2017 Eastview traveled to Ireland and held concerts in Galway and Ennis performing with renown Irish traditional artist Eamonn Cotter. 


We are tremendously proud of our band students. They have built an Eastview band legacy filled with fantastic music, exciting experiences and wonderful people.


1998-1999:  Aaron Koskela

1999-2000:  Ryan Sommers

2000-2001:  Jeff Dewey

2001-2002:  Noah Sommers

2002-2003:  Laura Henry

2002-2003:  Kristin Rarick

2003-2004:  Dane Sorenson

2004-2005:  Robert Hambrock

2005-2006:  Alyssa Frazee

2006-2007:  Kirk Landin

2007-2008:  Johnny Greene

2008-2009:  Joel Leeman

2009-2010:  David Dorsch

2010-2011:  Sarah Olson

2011-2012:  Hallie Houser

2012-2013:  Aidan Schmitt

2013-2014:  Shannon DeWitte

2014-2015:  Maren Johnson

2015-2016:  Olivia Nichols

2016-2017:  Jenna Smith

2017-2018:  David Besonen

2017-2018:  Molly Olander

2018-2019:  Eliza Asani

2019-2020:  Kyra O'Malley

2020-2021:  Thor Reimann

2021-2022:  Felix Neddermeyer


Mark Betters:  1997-2002

Don Donais:  2002-2005

Bill Henry:  1997-2021

Frank Pasquerella:  1997-2020

John Greene:  2005-2008

Barry Peterson:  2008-2015

Rich Berggren:  2008-Present

Matt Gullickson:  2015-Present

Ben Harloff:  2005-2008, 2020-Present

Angie Wyatt:  2021-Present


1999-Eastview High School Wind Ensemble

Director-William L. Henry

2003-Eastview High School Jazz Ensemble

Director-William L. Henry

2007-Eastview High School Wind Ensemble

Director-William L. Henry

2014-Eastview High School Wind Ensemble

Director-William L. Henry


2017 - Grand Tour to Ireland - Galway, Ennis, Belfast and Dublin

Concerts at St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church and the Ennis Cathedral

2014 – On the Route of Kings and Emperors – Graz and Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary

Concerts in Gleisdorf, Austria, St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna and St. Stephens Basilica in Budapest​

2011 – From the Mountains to the Mediterranean – Grenoble and Nimes, France, Barcelona

Concerts in Nimes, France and the Barcelona Cathedral

2008 – Roman Conquest – Salzburg – Austria, and Florence, Venice and Rome – Italy

Concerts in Mestre, Italy and the Basilica of St. Mary in Rome​

2005 – A Tale of Two Cities – Black Forest – Germany, Paris, and London

Concerts at the Church of La Madeleine in Paris, and Basingstoke, England​

2002 – China Adventure – Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai
Concerts in the Forbidden City, Shanghai Concert Hall, and on the Great Wall

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